No Leaks, No Snoops, No Wiretaps

KeepSolid Phones, an innovative application that is based on VoIP technology, has a special option allowing for the encryption of your communication. New York-based KeepSolid is known as the provider of the highly...
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Split Phone Conversations

One of great benefits of using KeepSolid Phones is the ability to have multiple telephone numbers while keeping your telephone bill under budget. With KeepSolid Phones, you can use a particular selected phone number...
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Countless Number of Lines

Another great benefit of using KeepSolid Phones is the ability to use as many telephone lines for your communication as you need. The app gives you access to myriad different phone numbers that you can use...
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Stop Spam & Cold Calls

Let’s face it: cold calling by advertisers is a nuisance and eventually, people get fed up and want to stop the spamming for good. People are constantly distracted by calls asking for a quick survey or offers from new airlines to...
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