Stop Spam & Cold Calls

Let’s face it: cold calling by advertisers is a nuisance and eventually, people get fed up and want to stop the spamming for good. People are constantly distracted by calls asking for a quick survey or offers from new airlines to purchase tickets at rock-bottom prices. In reality, the surveys promise prizes that never come to be, and the low airfares often turn out to be sold out. In order to stop wasting your time with spam and cold calls, download KeepSolid Phones and use different phone numbers for different purposes. Get a temporary number and use it to fill out forms or questionnaires for companies that you feel are “iffy.” The temporary phone number will allow you to protect your privacy—and when you think the temporary number has worn out its usefulness, simply toss it and use a new one. KeepSolid Phones works as simple as that!

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