Free calls to your team or family

KeepSolid Phones offers you a special opportunity to arrange a group of your contacts, so that they can talk to each other for free.

Our special plans allow you to create a unique phone domain and invite other KeepSolid Phones users to join. The difference between plans is the size of your domain. Select what is suitable for your purpose and enjoy a reliable and secure connection with your friends and partners!

All contacts in your domain will be able to talk to each other for free* during 1 month.

The KeepSolid Phones plans are the best solution for a family, a work team or a circle of friends who want or need always to keep in touch without heavy expenses on calls.

Our top-notch application is available on iOS and Android. This means that the majority of the modern smartphone users can use the advantages of this offer.

* subject to the Fair Usage Policy

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