Use Cases

For your remote offices

Free yourself from boundaries. If you need a phone number outside the country you actually live in, KeepSolid Phones will help you out. There is no need to move your outsource call center to New York or London. Use a geographic number option and make calls with an area code of your choice.
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For business trips

Don’t want to pay for roaming, but would prefer to preserve your regular phone number while on a business trip half the globe away? Our app solves this problem. You can use the same number, provided by KeepSolid Phones, you used at home, and won't end up with a huge bill after taking a call from your partner.
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For short-term projects

It is perfect for job searches, short-term projects, online shopping and sales. Whether to hire a tutor or housekeeper, or to sell your old van or bike, or anything you are up to, KeepSolid Phones will help you to keep your main phone number private. You can stop using your temporary number at any point and rid yourself of tiresome calls and explanaitions.
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For online forms and registrations

Tired of numerous beeps alerting to a new spam text? Rid yourself of spammy messages with KeepSolid Phones. When filling out web, or registration forms, or questionnaires, just use your temporary number instead of a real one, and avoid those annoying telemarketers. Your personal number is for your personal contacts.
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For vacation

Get real numbers with local area codes and use them to book a table in a restaurant and call a taxi while on vacation. Make calls and send text messages at the same rates as local services without buying SIM cards of each country you travel to. Refill one account and use custom numbers whenever and wherever you need.
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